Questions? Maybe this will help!

These are just a few of the most common questions I receive! Please feel free to contact me if there's anything else I can answer for you! 

Are you a licensed business?

Yes! We are registered as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) and also maintain our business license in the city of Seattle, WA.

Do you watermark images?

You will NEVER receive watermarked images from me. 

Do we have to buy our images?

No! I was shocked when I first had a client tell me that other photographers they had talked to did not include images in their packages. Your edited images are always included in every portrait session or wedding package I offer!

Do you edit every photo?

Yes! You will never receive an un-edited photo from me! We don't edit every photo we take on the wedding day- we will go through your images and select the best ones- but we will edit each of those individually.

When do we see our images?

You will have all edited images from portrait sessions within 2 weeks. You will have all edited images from your wedding within 4 weeks.

Can we use our images online?

Yes, absolutely! I just ask that you credit me as the photographer but I do not restrict your use of online images!

Is there a print minimum?

No! I keep my pricing model simple. You get digital copies of your images and while you're welcome to buy products through me, I don't require it.

Do you offer albums or products?

You bet! I offer custom albums for weddings or engagement images as well as a variety of products.

Do you customize packages?

I have three wedding packages and one elopement package that should cover anything you need! That said, if there's something specific that you're looking for I'm always happy to chat. I pride myself on being easy to work with and making sure we create the perfect package for you so feel free to ask about a customization!

Do you back up our images?

YES. This is the most important part of my workflow as a photographer. You need to know that there is always some obscure chance something could happen to any photographer, but I take every precaution to ensure your images are protected. First of all, my camera can hold two memory cards- so every photo we take on a wedding day is being recorded onto two separate cards. And because every package includes Chris, he's shooting on his own camera the whole day, too! All of your images are then backed up onto an external hard drive and your online gallery of edited images is stored in a cloud system. It's valid for 10 years (hooray!) and is accessible to you from any computer, tablet, or phone.

Do you shoot same-sex weddings?

Yes, I will! I am always incredibly honored and just blown away that people want to include me as part of their special day. Being entrusted to capture the most beautiful day of someone's life is something that I cherish and sexual orientation does not change that. I am endlessly blessed to do what I do, and I do not (and never will) discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. Read here for more about my beliefs on this topic.

How much time do we need for photos on the wedding day?

My general rule is this- the more time that you allow, the more photos you get. I leave it up to you but generally recommend setting aside as much time as possible so you get the best value! If you do not have a coordinator, you and I will work together to set the timeline of the day. If you do, I will work with them to set it. I also recommend setting aside a 30-45 minute "buffer" time- weddings are so dynamic something usually runs late and that way we don't have to worry!

Who do you bring with you to a wedding?

At a minimum, Chris and I shoot every wedding together. Occasionally at my discretion- for larger weddings or larger bridal parties in particular, or if there's a chance of rain, for example- I may bring along my darling assistant, Alyssa. Chris and I are (of course) included in every package, but if I decide to bring Alyssa, there will be no charge to you. She comes along when I may need an extra set of hands to fix bridesmaids hair, hold umbrellas, or anything else to help ensure your day goes smoothly!

Do you do anything other than weddings?

I occasionally accept other portrait sessions or private events besides weddings/engagements/boudoir, although my weddings keep me busy. This is subject to my availability and the work requested! Feel free to reach out if there's something you may be looking for. If I can, I will!

How should we prepare for our engagement session?

We will talk about this in great detail, don't worry! I'll walk you through what to wear, how to do your hair and makeup, and what to bring when we book your session.

Do we have to have an engagement shoot?

Engagement shoots are a critical part of my workflow. I do not shoot weddings without an engagement session, unless the couple is from out of state. Don't worry though- they're included in every single wedding package anyway (even elopement packages!). Engagement sessions are vital in making sure your wedding day runs smoothly, because it lets us get to know one another, gets you used to the process of having your photo taken and how I work, and it lets me know how you photograph. Read here to learn more about why I include a complimentary engagement session in every package. Trust me..... EVERY couple I've had has been so thankful for their engagement session when it comes time for wedding day portraits!!