Hi, I'm Bailey! 

I would love to hear from you!

I love Jesus and time spent laughing and dancing in the kitchen (preferably to Josh Groban). I believe that the love of family and friends is the most important part of life, and that nothing ever beats mama's cooking. My favorite moments are always surrounded by the people I love, but especially my sweet fiancé, Chris. On the outside, he's a 6'3" Englishman who wears tailored suits and speaks in a proper British accent.... but he's really just a grown man who is obsessed with kangaroos and airplanes and still doesn't understand American things (like ranch).  

I believe in stopping to listen to the birds chirp and to hear the wind in the trees and to feel the sunshine on your face. I love the raw beauty of the Pacific Northwest and believe that life is best lived outdoors, but I also love curling up with my adorable pets, a cozy blanket, a good book, and some earl grey tea. I love sunny summer days, autumn leaves, spring flowers, and skiing in a winter wonderland. I'm a small-town girl at heart who lives in the middle of Seattle, but will forever be happiest in wide open spaces. I'm an avid yogi, a dedicated vegetarian of over a decade, and spend most of my free time serving on one of several non-profit committees. My idea of a good Friday night typically involves a pint of Ben & Jerry's and some Netflix... or maybe a taco party.

But most importantly, I believe there are only two things we will do in this life that matter: serve and love. There's nothing I want more out of this life than that, and you will never find me happier than when I'm taking care of others. Want to move beyond the surface? I first found photography after a devastating diagnosis that changed my life forever (go here to read the full story). And yet, out of the most difficult time in my life came this incredible blessing. For that reason, and so many others, this is more than a business to me... it's a labor of love. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I would love to meet up or chat on the phone! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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