3 Reasons You NEED an Engagement Session! | Seattle Wedding Photographer

One question I'm asked surprisingly often is why I don't offer stand-alone wedding day packages. Even my base package includes a full engagement session- and so does my elopement package! I can't stress enough how important the engagement session is. It's like practice for your wedding day! Here's my top three reasons WHY it matters:

1. It lets me know who you are together.

Some couples laugh a lot, and easily- their photos usually turn out fun, with tons of laughing. Some couples have a softer, quieter love- their photos will often turn out sweeter with lots of soft expressions. Some couples are something of a mix. Knowing who YOU are as a couple and what you're like together helps me capture your love better.

2. It lets you get to know me.

I work closely with my brides- we even stay in touch after the wedding! I like to become personally invested in my couples and their weddings because it makes what I do personal- and I think weddings are too important and too sacred to be treated as a business. Let's face it: I will spend MORE time with the bride and groom on their wedding day than ANYONE... including their families or bridal parties. That's because I'm the one who will be their for family portraits and bridal party portraits, but also for the first look, the couple portraits, the getting ready, the cake cutting, the first dance... and even after. Your wedding planner and photographer will have the most contact with you of any vendor! I don't want to show up as a stranger, but as a friend. The first thing I do when I get to the venue? Find my couples and give them a hug. Find out how they're doing and how I can help. Trust me, you don't want to spend all day with a stranger. Your engagement session makes sure we aren't stragers :)

3. It lets me know how you photograph.

I rarely take selfies. But when I do, I know I'm not the only one to take 20, then choose the best angle! ;) You can think of your engagement session a little like that- once I've worked with you, I get a sense for how you photograph, what your best angles are, your expressions, and so much more. It's nearly impossible to explain. But I want to make sure that I do the BEST job I can on your wedding day. Your engagement session helps me prepare to do just that by not only knowing how we work together, but how you photograph and the types of looks we can get. That way when I show up on your special day, we've done it all before. The awkwardness of having your picture taken is out of the way. We will both understand how we work together and what to expect. And it allows me to develop a game plan for your wedding day so I can capture your love in the best, most natural and organic way possible.

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