All-Inclusive Wedding Packages: Why It's All We Offer | Seattle Wedding Photographer

When I began developing my wedding packages, the ONLY thing I knew for sure was that I wanted them to be all-inclusive- every single one of them, even if it meant fewer people might end up booking "top" packages. This is pretty rare in the wedding industry, so I get a lot of questions about how we structure our pricing and why we've chosen to do it this way.

Really quick, here's what each package includes: an engagement session (with more images included as the packages go up), two photographers for the wedding day, at least six hours of wedding day coverage, AND ALL edited images. Yep, ALL of them. What's unusual about that is that I give all edited photos to my couples without requiring print minimums, additional print or digital packages, or anything else. Not only that, but they receive the high-resolution, non-watermarked versions and are able to download them to keep! We chose to do that after doing a lot of research to see what was normally included in a wedding package, and the one thing we wanted to set us apart was our SERVICE to our couples.... because that's what we love most. Here's a quick summary of why we've decided to create our packages this way:

1. It's hassle-free. There's no waiting to decide what prints you want, how much you want to spend, etc. We take your pictures, edit them, and then send you a link. That's it. If you want to order some you can, if not, you can just download them all to have.

2. It feels honest. Maybe it's just me, but it feels a little like tricking people (to me personally) to include everything EXCEPT your pictures in our packages... I mean, we're photographers. Pictures are pretty much the main thing we do! I feel like since that's what we're being paid to do, my main priority is to deliver those to you and to do a good job. That means not forcing you to pay extra if you want your photos.


3. I want ALL of my clients to have the full experience, even if they can't afford the top package. This is the main reason behind my decision. I believe engagement sessions are critical to your experience as my bride (read here for a few reasons why). It is so important to me that I believe all my brides should have one- not only those who choose a more expensive package. I believe having two photographers is critical to capturing your wedding day as fully as possible, and I believe each of my couples deserves to have two perspectives. I believe we need a minimum of 6 hours to do your special day justice, and I want all my couples to have that time (except for my elopement weddings). 

And here's the thing: I love what I do, deeply. It matters to me, and my couples matter to me. I do what I do because I love the texts and calls I get from my couples when they see their photos. If I wanted to make as much money as possible doing this, I'd be the first to tell you I'm probably doing it for the wrong reasons. But I'm not. I want to give my brides the BEST experience I could possible give them.... and to me, that means developing all-inclusive packages that make sure each one of my couples is taken care of the way I believe they should be.

P.S.- for those of you who wonder how our top packages differ: they come with more engagement photos, more wedding day hours, more wedding day photos, professional hair and makeup for engagement sessions, boudoir sessions and images, albums, etc.

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