Brian + Amanda | Seattle Wedding Photographer

This engagement session is one I've been looking forward to for FIVE YEARS. That's when I first met this beautiful, sweet, loving friend of mine! She hadn't even met Brian yet but before he ever came into the picture, I knew that the one she'd end up with would be someone truly special. You'll never meet someone who doesn't like Amanda. She's like this bubbly ray of sunshine wherever she goes, and everyone can see it- her friends, her patients (she is a nurse) or anyone who meets her. She has, quite possibly, one of the most beautiful and infectious smiles I have ever seen. She laughs so easily and her eyes are always sparkling with the joy she radiates (you'll see what I mean). Needless to say, she's become a dear friend to me and my sisters, too! We all love her so much- as does everyone else- that we knew she would have to find someone truly incredible to love her the way she deserves. I had a feeling that was Brian not long after they started dating, and it didn't take long to see that was true. I'm so thankful to Brian for loving my sweet friend the way she deserves and for making her laugh often and freely. Being able to capture that brought me so much joy!!! There is literally nothing as special as watching your friend find the love of her life, and it means the world to me (and everyone else who knows and loves her) that she has found that in Brian. So enjoy this EXTRA special engagement session! The countdown is on for their wedding and I cannot WAIT friends!!!

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