Engagement Trip Part 1: The Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia (Day 1)

Engagement Trip Day 1: The Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia

For those of you who don't know, a few months ago, I got engaged! To the sweetest, silliest, most snuggly Brit. It's been a few months- we've been so busy!- but Chris and I are FINALLY excited to share with ya'll the images from our trip. We spent a few weeks in Australia and New Zealand, and I'd say it was the trip of a lifetime- but now that we officially have a lifetime of these trips, I really can't be sure :)

Day 1 of our trip started like everything Chris & I do in our lives- a complete whirlwind. We traveled for something like 24 straight hours to get here, but when we got off the plane, we were just way too excited. We don't like to relax when we go on vacation; we squeeze in anything and EVERYTHING we can. And so, true to our Seattle-dwelling roots, we grabbed giant coffees the minute we stepped off the plane, got our rental car, and- I kid you not- changed in the middle of the parking garage into fresh clothes. 

We drove a few hours to get to the Blue Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage sight (one of our goals was to fit in as many of these as we could!). We took the steepest passenger railway in the world and hiked down into the valley where we spent hours just walking around and taking it all in. We later took a scenic cableway and caught the whole view from up above! What I found so magnificent about this place was how ancient it is. You could really feel the history and grandeur of the mountains. I've always felt God's presence the most when I'm out in His creation, and never was that more true than here. Every part of these mountains felt overwhelmingly large and significant compared to us.

After we were done exploring, we happened to meet the absolute SWEETEST couple ever. They lived in the mountains and took us to this lesser known lookout near where they lived- a place that perfectly overlooks the Jamison Valley at sunset. Those photos you'll see at the end of this section- where the sky is so radiantly orange and pink and red- were all taken there. We still talk about how thankful we were to have met them- they made us feel so welcome with their warmth and kindness and how excited they were to show us a piece of their home. At the end of the day (because 24 hours of travel and 8 hours in the mountains wasn't enough) we stopped by the Sydney Harbor for a drink.... and we fell in love. You'll see one photo of the bridge, but the photos of the Opera House (World Heritage site #2) were taken our last day, so they're at the end!

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