Bo + Krystal's Fall Anniversary Session | As featured on Joy Wed

Wow ya'll, we have some SERIOUS blogging to catch up on. Like, most of our work isn't even up on the website yet catching up... but I'm SO excited to finally get started sharing some of our latest work!!! Starting with this GORGEOUS anniversary session in Discovery Park (because let's be real, there's absolutely nowhere in the world as perfect as Seattle in the fall....).

Bo & Krystal celebrated their one year anniversary (and are soon to-be-parents to what will inevitably be the world's most adorable baby!), and so their session was an absolute blast! Krystal was an ACTUAL Disney Princess when she was living in California, where she met Bo (trust me, as soon as you see the photos, you'll see why she was clearly THE most picture-perfect Disney princess ever!). Not long after that, she relocated to Seattle, became a Seagal for the Seattle Seahawks, they got married, and the rest was history. Add in their two picture-perfect pups (Diego the Doodle and Sandwich, named for Krystal's favorite food...), and you have the sweetest real-life fairytale ever. Their adorable story is only made better by the fact that they're also two of the sweetest people ever!

For their shoot, I teamed up with my absolutely AMAZING/crazy talented friend Amy of Gather Design Company for this autumn-themed anniversary session. Amy being as talented as she is, I told her the dress was cream, and then told her to just go for it.... and she made the most STUNNING bouquet of yellows & golds that just screams "it's fall, ya'll" in the most elegant way! Amy has been such a dear friend to me in the industry and working with her is always such a dream! Seriously, I'd shoot her work You can also find their session featured on Joy Wed here!!!

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