Brad + Brianna | MARRIED | Rose Hill Community Center Wedding

There are a million reasons I love being a wedding photographer in Seattle. Maybe I'm biased, but NOTHING in my mind beats the stunningly raw beauty of the Pacific Northwest. And my absolute favorite? Shooting sunset portraits by the water. It will win, hands-down, every time in my book! So needless to say, when we were preparing for their wedding, one of the FIRST questions I asked was if Brad and Brianna would be willing to run down to the Mukilteo waterfront (about a 90 second drive from where they were married) at sunset to capture some stunning portraits. Luckily, they were TOTALLY game. Not only that, but these two sweethearts were completely up for anything and everything and were kind enough to trust me with helping them create the perfect timeline! Whenever a couple is generous enough to allow you to do that.... you KNOW it's going to be good! I was so thankful they let us manage the flow of the whole day because everything turned out so perfectly and we had plenty of time for everything we needed! 

Brad and Brianna opted not to see each other during the ceremony, which sometimes can make scheduling photos a little trickier. But not with these two! They were so easy-going that even though we had to get all portraits done in between the ceremony and reception, it not only worked.... but it worked AMAZINGLY well! All my wedding industry friends can testify to how difficult that is! It was helped largely by the fact that their bridal party was just as sweet and easygoing as they were. They were so kind and made sure we got every shot we needed (although the groomsmen maybe had a little TOO much fun.... haha! We got some good ones of them!). Their wedding day was as smooth and relaxed as we could have possibly asked for- from start to finish. It was a perfect, beautiful Seattle summer day and I swear the sunset over the water was even more beautiful than usual for these two! Enjoy!!!

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