Brad + Mandi | ENGAGED | Seattle Wedding Photographer

You know those people who are just so amazing you want to be best friends with them and hang out all the time? Well, that's these two. They are just so much fun and so funny to be around! I first met Mandi a few months ago, at a mutual friends birthday party. I remembered being struck not only by how gorgeous she was, but by how sweet and kind she was, too. I vaguely remember her laughing at my story about how when I was little, I hated playing board games because I cried if I won. I just immediately liked her and thought she was about the sweetest person ever! Well, a few months later she and Brad got engaged and I told Chris that I would just LOVE to shoot their wedding!!! And what do you know.... she contacted me not long after!

I was crushed when I realized that I was already booked on their date, but I told her I could at least do their engagement photos and if anything happened to change with their date, to let me know because I might be able to do another day! And sure enough, they changed the date of their wedding so that I could photograph it (and it conveniently worked better for their plans, too!). And on another funny note, we later discovered that Brad's father was Chris's first manager when he started at Boeing. Such a small world!

So I hope you enjoy the most adorable couple ever, who spent their entire session just laughing and laughing and were so dang cute I could hardly choose which photos to edit!

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