David + Madi's Stevens Pass Engagement Session

This sweet engagement session was a little extra close to our hearts and I am SO excited to finally share it!!! David and Madi are two of mine and Chris' good friends and we just absolutely adore them!!! I've been trying to think about exactly how to put everything into words for these two, and everything I can think of just seems to fall short. For some reason, even though it should feel easy, deciding what to write about these lovely friends of ours feels close to impossible. You just can't help but fall in love with these two high-school sweethearts, though. They are kind and loving and generous and funny and, most importantly (in Chris' world) they came to our last Halloween party with Madi dressed as a devil and David as an egg. Deviled egg, get it? Well, Chris STILL talks about that costume. Something about British people and their puns, I suppose? :) In all seriousness, though, these two are actually some of our only "couple" friends, so being with them is always incredibly special because it's one of the only times where we can BOTH hang out with our friends together. Having that has been such a blessing to us! And the most exciting part for us is that we'll get to be the ones to hang out with them their whole wedding day!

Madi is a wedding planner herself, with the amazing Taylor'd Events, so this wedding will be a little extra fun because it's not ONLY for one of my super sweet friends but ALSO for another industry pro! We ventured all the way up to Stevens Pass for these snowy shots, and it was basically like being in a snow globe. Seriously, snow photos have stolen my heart. They've won me over. I could shoot in a snow globe like this ALL DAY EVERY DAY. And next time, I'll even remember to dress properly so I don't wind up with snow down my ankles and wet socks :) So you can imagine how EXTRA thankful I was for these two bringing us hot cocoa for the ride back! See how sweet they are?! Oh and also.... wait until you see their sweet pup, Taz. He's the cutest!

And one more. Because.... well, because I just love it. This candid was one of the last photos we caught, when David decided to jump-sit in a pile of snow, and I love how adorable they look!!! Can you see why we love them so much?!

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