Krisanna Elizabeth's Calligraphy Workshop at Honey Crumb Cake Studio in Seattle | #KElligraphy

Today's post features my lovely friend Krisanna Elizabeth's very FIRST calligraphy workshop ever at the fabulous Honey Crumb Cake Studio in Seattle! Oh, friends, this post is one that's SO near and dear to my heart! Why, you ask? To answer that, I'm going to tell you a little story :)

A few years ago, I found myself unintentionally thrown into the midst of the craziness that IS the wedding industry. I never intended to turn this into a business. I never thought to myself that my dream in life was to be a wedding photographer. In fact, I never thought about it at all... until I became one. I had picked up photography just as a hobby- I wanted something to do for fun, and to be able to take photos of family vacations. But soon enough, I started getting better (little by little) and the inquiries started flowing.... and I found myself with a wedding photography business!

So there I was- a little nervous, shy, and petrified beyond belief. Did I mention how scared I was? That's when Krisanna of Krisanna Elizabeth came into my life. I emailed her one day because I saw a post of hers and thought she didn't seem too scary. A few weeks later, we met for tea. I don't know if we even really covered weddings- from the start, it felt more like friendship than a wedding industry acquaintance. She was kind, funny, warm, and she offered me the kind of encouragement and friendship I didn't know I needed in the industry until I had it. It was because of her that I finally found the confidence to reach out to other women in the industry. It was because of her that I suddenly didn't feel so alone or afraid. And for that reason, it's largely because of her that I am where I am today.

K, I love you, always (if the novel-length texts I send you aren't proof enough). I love your kindness, your obsession with 90s boy bands that shall remain unnamed, and the fact that above all else, you remain the most humble person I know. I could list a million reasons why I love you, K, but I think you already know most of them, anyway. 

And to the sweetest Carla of Honey Crumb Cake Studio: thank you for opening your space to us and for being such an incredibly welcoming host! If you haven't had a chance to meet Carla yet, you should (and not just because she's an amazing baker, though she is) but because she is the sweetest person on the planet with a positively brilliant mind. I MAY have carried around a batch of her brownies in my purse for a week after this little workshop (hey, I had to hide them from Chris somehow!). Enjoy, friends!

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