Paul + Andrea | Engaged | Seattle Wedding Photographer

I'm going to be honest... I've been having a hard time figuring out exactly what to write about Paul and Andrea that could even begin to do these two justice. I know that my words will fall short, though, however hard I may try to capture these two beautiful souls, so I'll just settle for doing my best!!

The first time I met Andrea, I KNEW she was my perfect bride. I knew it. She was vivacious and bubbly and she had this warm, inviting presence about her. The kind that makes you instantly fall in love with her and feel at ease- like you've known her forever. She was kind, and funny, and she laughed easily (and a lot!). And as if that weren't enough, she told me that what she liked most about me was my belief in building strong relationships with my couples and how important that was to me. It was, she told me, extremely important to them, as well. And if it was even possible, I fell in love with her a little more! Because I knew then that not only were they kind and open and loving, but they were my kind of people. The ones who believe in community and deeper, meaningful connections and in serving others.

So when I arrived at their engagement session, I was thrilled to see her again, and SO excited to meet Paul! I knew he had to be wonderful to be the other half of such a sweet couple, but I couldn't even have imagined how precious it would be to watch these two together. It was, to date, one of the most encouraging, life-giving sessions I've ever had the blessing of shooting. Because their love for each other was so apparent it took no time at all to see why they're meant to spend forever together! They spent the entire session encouraging one another and lifting one another up and telling me how lucky they were to have found each other. Not only that (I know, you're probably wondering how this couple could be any better).. but they spent their whole session encouraging ME! I left their session with (extremely) sore cheeks from laughing and smiling so much, and feeling so incredibly uplifted. These two radiate Jesus' love so brightly and with such kindness you just can't help but fall in love with them. In fact- just a few days after their session I received a package in the mail from them with the absolute sweetest note (it may have made me cry). They had (sneakily, I might add) managed to find out some of my favorite country music artists during our time together, but upon learning I don't go to many country concerts, they sent us tickets to CHRIS YOUNG!!! Ahhh!!! This will be Chris' FIRST EVER country concert and I'm SO excited to take him!!! Seriously! How sweet are these two!

Paul and Andrea, thank you for blessing me with the opportunity to be a part of such a sacred day and for trusting me with capturing your beautiful love story. And to the incredible Jen at Taylor'd Events... thank you, thank you, thank you for sending this incredible, amazing, and joyous couple my way. I cannot wait to work with you!! With these two as our couple, I just know everything will be absolutely perfect!

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