Rachel's Senior Photos | University of Washington, Seattle

One thing I actually do quite a bit of (and LOVE) are senior photos for students graduating from the University of Washington. Originally when we started this business, I ONLY wanted to shoot weddings- nothing else. But in recent years especially, I've actually been thinking about accepting more portrait sessions, because I think they're so much fun (and a little less pressure!).

I got to meet up with Rachel a few weeks ago to capture some photos of her on campus the week of graduation. Her parents weren't able to make it to graduation, and so she wanted to be able to capture something special that would allow them to feel like they'd been there. So with that, we set out to capture as many gorgeous photos as we could (not too hard when she has Disney princess hair and the campus is basically a castle already). I love shooting college seniors because it's such a monumental shift in their life- up until that point, they've spent their whole lives in school, and they're finally about to completely leave that safety net. It's a scary time (I remember it well) but it's also filled with so much joy and excitement. Rachel is absolutely the SWEETEST and I wasn't even remotely surprised to hear that she had a job lined up before she graduated- she went to visit her parents for a bit and then immediately jumped into work! Rachel, thank you for letting me capture such a monumental moment in your life! I had so much fun getting some gorgeous shots of you and I hope that these photos will serve to bring back fond memories of your time here at UW!

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