Why We Always Include Two Photographers

Happy Wednesday, friends! We've loved sharing a little bit about the heart behind our business here on our blog and are so thankful you all take the time to read along! Today's post is one I've been wanting to write for a VERY long time. We include two photographers in EVERY PACKAGE. We know we don't have to. We know we could make a lot more money if we didn't. We know it's not exactly common, in Seattle or elsewhere. But we choose to shoot as a team, and here's why:

Okay, we'll start with the obvious here. Having two of us enables us to be in two places at once, capturing each day from two perspectives. And that's what we're all about. We want to preserve these moments. We want our couples to have something to hold onto. Because we believe that this world can be a dark, stormy place. And that love is all that's worth holding onto in the end, anyway. That's our WHY. It's what drives our business. It's why we desire to SERVE our couples well. And we believe we that giving them two perspectives enables us to serve them better, and to preserve those precious moments better. So what does this MEAN for each part of the day?

Getting Ready: Usually I'll go with the bride and bridesmaids and Chris will go with the groom and groomsmen. This allows us to capture BOTH parts of the getting ready, instead of me having to run in and out of each room hoping I don't miss something! Chris will also usually cover candids while I'm busy snapping detail shots (the dress, shoes, etc.)

First Look: Traditionally, first looks are only photographed from one angle- the groom seeing his bride. But having two of us means I can capture her as she walks down to meet him, and his expression when he first sees her! But at the same time, Chris is able to capture him while he waits for his bride, and he captures her expression when she first sees her groom! This way we get to capture BOTH of their expressions! 

Group Shots: Usually during group shots, Chris will capture some of the detail shots of the group- all their bouquets lined up, or their socks, for example. While I'm shooting the traditional portraits, he'll be snapping candids of the moments in between and all the little details!

Ceremony: I always shoot the processional, so I'm at the head of the aisle catching everyone as they walk down. Chris hangs back and waits- that way when the bride walks down the aisle, he's able to capture her from behind! This always makes for some amazing shots because we get her walking down the aisle from the front AND back- which is always a great chance to really showcase the dress and that walk towards her groom! Then Chris typically will shoot from the wings while I stay back and get the classic straight-on ceremony shots.

Couple Portraits: Like with group shots, I usually take the lead here, and do all of the posing and directing. Chris will hang out slightly to my side, and he tends to shoot either A) really wide shots, or B) really up close shots. Since I'm getting the more traditional focal lengths, Chris has the opportunity to really nail down some other focal lengths we probably wouldn't get otherwise! Because he's also shooting from a different angle, it usually gives us more images in a short amount of time, too!

Reception: The reception is the easy part, since we kind of just get to hang back and snap candids as they happen!! But I actually think Chris' candids tend to be better than mine sometimes! I trained him too well! :) During this part of the day, we don't have a specific way we divide the labor- we both just kind of mill around and snap images, and since we usually have plenty of room, we don't need to worry about getting in each others' way! 

If there is one thing I believe, it's that EVERY wedding deserves a second shooter. Not only does it give you an extra layer of protection (like we wrote about before), but it allows FULL coverage of your entire day. One person can do it all, sure. But one person is just that.... one person. They CAN'T be in more than one place. They can't be directing everyone and snapping candids at the same time. There's just limits to what any one human can do! But having two photographers allows for that great mix of candid and posed photos, because you have one person who can direct and another who can continue shooting. It gives you more angles, more coverage, and more images. It's why we include two photographers in every single package. Because we want to SERVE our couples. And we believe the best way we can serve them is to give them our very best. And two photographers? We believe it's always better than one :) 

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