Why Every Photographer Should Allow Pets on Engagement Sessions | Seattle Wedding Photographer

Okay, so this post is coming from your resident crazy animal lover, so take it with a grain of salt (I may be biased). I love animals. All kinds. I'm very lucky to be a wedding photographer in Seattle, where SO many people are also crazy animal lovers!!! My DREAM one day is to buy a farm on lots of land and to have a dozen rescue pets- dogs, cats, horses, pigs- you name it- running around with all my children (I’ve always dreamed of having a huge family because I have a heart for adoption and foster care and I basically want my own little football team!).

So why am I telling you all this? Well, whenever a couple asks me if they can bring their dogs along on their engagement session, I KNOW we will be a good fit!!! And I believe it’s really important for all my clients to know how much I love animals because I believe that if you also love animals (and your pets), it’s really important to find someone who shares and understands that love because it makes all the difference in capturing these special moments (furry friends included). Here are my two reasons WHY I believe all photographers should allow pets on engagement sessions!

  1. They’re family.

Okay, so starting with the most obvious reason first… if you own a pet, they’re most definitely your baby. And if you want to include them in your engagement session, you definitely should. It just wouldn’t be the same without them! Your pets are a part of your story and the love you share and the life you live together. That deserves to be captured!

  1. It’s a little like wedding-day practice.

Pets are a little like children. They can’t keep still. They don’t pay attention when you think they should. You need to bribe them to behave for pictures. And disclaimer- I ALSO love children and volunteer with them every week! But let’s be real… kids are tough. Pets are a little like that. I won’t lie- the first time I ever had a dog on an engagement session, I was so stressed the night before I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t know what to do! But it’s important to find a photographer who is willing and able to capture beautiful shots in the midst of that craziness, when they refuse to look at the camera and squirm constantly… think of it like a trial run for a wedding. Everything moves too fast and you can’t control everything around you! Finding a photographer who has the patience and ability to handle a dynamic situation, and who cares enough to WANT to capture those moments (even when it may make their job slightly harder), is priceless!

As photographers, we do our best to keep situations under some level of control to ensure your best photos. I will work with you to set the schedule for your wedding day, we’ll go visit the venue to scope out locations for photos, and more. I try to do everything I can so that I (and you) are prepared and everything runs smoothly. But you know what? Life’s not always that simple. And wedding days are almost never that simple. Finding someone who can adapt, even when the situation is outside of their control, is like practice for the wedding day! Trust me, finding someone who can go with the flow like that is SO important for keeping your wedding day relaxing and enjoyable!

There are lots of amazing photographers in the world… heck, there are a lot of amazing photographers in SEATTLE!!! Finding someone who is a good fit for your wedding is so important. And if you’re a pet lover who wants to include your pets on your engagement session/special day, then I would tell you that finding a photographer who shares that love is critical!! Trust me, there are tons of us out there and you should definitely be able to find someone who is a good match for you and your pets!

Also, just a quick disclaimer: I am by NO means the only photographer who loves pets and believes they should be included in engagement sessions- I know so many share the same view! I just want to point out that if it’s something that is important to you, you should look for a photographer who shares that and is willing to work with you in that regard!

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