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Happy Monday, friends!! 

I hope ya'll had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! Today I'm introducing you to one of the best revolutions the wedding industry has seen in a LONG time. Brides, if you want a simple, easy wedding planning app that's FREE and takes just a few minutes to create, this is for you. And wedding pros, here are all the reasons why this resource is a life-saver for you and your couples!! PS- disclaimer: I happen to know the team behind this amazing app, but they have no idea I'm writing this. They won't know until it's posted, and I'm not being paid for this! I just know how amazing it is and wanted to share a helpful and free resource for our couples and other wedding pros! This is a long post, but it's worth the read, because ya'll, I PROMISE this is one of the most amazing new wedding resources out there!

Introducing you to JOY. The amazing new wedding planning and website app that's completely free to couples!!! They are currently down at Y Combinator in Silicon Valley, and for those of you who are familiar with startup world, you know that's the NUMBER ONE startup incubator in the NATION!!! It's INSANELY hard to get selected by YC and so this alone should tell you how amazing their product is! One of my good friends got married a few months ago, and they used one of the traditional wedding websites. But she told me it took her and her now-husband an entire WEEKEND to create it!! It was a nightmare! Let me tell ya, friends.... I tested Joy for the team before it was even released, and it took me less than ten minutes to create. It's basically the Apple of wedding websites. If it tells you how amazing they are, they've been referenced by Wedding Chicks, Product Hunt, Harpers Bazaar, and Vogue, just to name a few in the past month!!! Anyway, enough rambling... here are some of the features, and why this free resource is the best thing you can do to simplify the wedding process for you and your guests!!!:

  • Website + App: It's primarily an app that brides/grooms and guests can use, but it conveniently doubles as a wedding website! It can also serve as just one or the other if they prefer, so they don't have to use both- basically it's just the easiest wedding website creator ever!
  • Collect Photos: Guests can collectively upload all iPhone photos from the day so the bride/groom and other guests can collect all the candids from their day in one place! A great way to avoid having to figure out who has what photo, where it is, and then texting or sending it back and forth! All the guests can upload all their candids, and then the bride and groom, and other guests, can have all the photos! So easy! PLUS, the bride and groom can upload all their engagement and professional wedding photos, too, so guests can see them as well!!!
  • Security: The bride and groom can customize the features as well as the security of their website, so you can make it private if you'd like! They can also control if guests can share the photos on Instagram or Facebook.
  • Guest List/RSVPs: You can track guest lists in Joy as well as RSVP- super easy since we all know not every guest always remembers to send back their RSVP card! PLUS, you can actually import spreadsheets into Joy, and then still use Joy for the online RSVP feature! This is really important because not many wedding websites have a guest management feature, and NO wedding website has done it as smoothly as the team at Joy.
  • Bridal Party/Guest List: You can introduce the bridal party to the guests, and guests can also see a list of all the other people who are attending through the interactive guest list! This is especially great when people are traveling and might want to coordinate plans, but has no idea who is going to the wedding! This is one of my personal favorite features because last time we had an out of town wedding for a college friend of Chris, we had no idea who would be there and so we couldn't plan what to do or who to do it with- we wished we could have known so we could have reached out to plan things, since everyone was going to be there for a whole weekend! But we couldn't very well text all his old college friends and ask who'd be there, because A) that would take forever, and B) we had no idea who was even invited.
  • Vendors: All guests will have access to the vendor list, so they'll be able to see who everyone was that worked the wedding! Great free publicity for you vendors out there :)
  • Multiple Admins: They can have as many admins as needed to manage and control the site! Great option to allow planners to send specific messages to people! So for all you planners out there, this feature is great! 
  • Schedule/Travel/Dates: Right within the app, you can have all the necessary addresses, directions, travel accommodations and activities for out of town guests, and any other schedule related items so guests can access it all in one place and don't need to try to track all that information down or remember it. Again, we love this feature, because it's so much easier than trying to remember the invitation or wedding website. It's all right within the app!
  • Guest notifications: Joy can deliver custom notifications and messages- either through email or notifications in-app so the bride and groom can send any messages or reminders to their guests! This is great because the bride and groom can have reminders go out to tell guests important tidbits- for example, not to wear heels, to remind them to turn off their cell phone before the ceremony, that it's an unplugged ceremony, etc.

So for all you wedding pros out there, start recommending this FREE and EASY resource for your couples!!! They'll thank you for it!! But first, try it for yourself and see how easy it is. I've done it, and I LOVE it!!! I seriously love the team at Joy and the product they've created, and I promise it's basically the best idea to hit the wedding industry in a long time. I'm absolutely going to use it for my own wedding, and I tell all my friends in the industry about it. Do yourselves a favor and go spend some time learning about this amazing app!


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